Tuesday, 29 August 2017


                             Chapter 7

A long time ago there lived a kindly king and Queen they had a Christmas and  held a  grand party after they got home they went start to sleep. And in the morning, they had to go to the hospital and then the Queen found out that she was having a baby. After the king and Queen found out they said wow am I really having a baby? the hospital lady said yes that's why we asked you to come to the hospital. After she got the baby out of her tummy they had a Christmas all together.The End.

After the kindly king and kindly Queen the next day they went to the beach with Princess baby. When they got to the beach the kindly king  and kindly Queen had swim with there baby too.  

                         Chapter 8.

And cried Mr McPherson because he was so so gels that the kindly king and kindly Queen had a baby Mr McPherson wanted a baby too. he said if he had a baby he will call it Joseph and he said I wish it will be a boy after he said that he said if I have a boy I am going to take him to the beach and the pool's.  

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