Thursday, 25 February 2021

How to be a good literacy - Literacy

  How to be a good sibling:

Intro: Greetings to you all today I am talking about how to be a good sibling.

Encouraging them!

Info 1: Encouraging your siblings is like helping them throughout their tough times, and always making sure that they are alright and happy. Another way to encourage them is to show them your love, and make sure they are happy and good at school.

Setting good examples!

Info 2: Setting good examples for your siblings can be like making sure they listen to people, making sure your attitude is right cause our younger siblings are looking up to us. Another way to set good examples is helping them with their homework, and to cook your siblings dinner so you can help your parents.

Showing Respect

Info 3: Showing respect towards your family members, is a good way to show them that you care and love them. Showing respect to family is when the house is messy you can clean it, such as cleaning the lounge, your room, outside and doing the dishes.


So being a good sibling you have to do great in life, succeed your goals and no matter what you wanna do because your siblings are always looking up to you!