Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Athletics Recount.

                Athletics Day Recount 

Last week on Friday the 7th of November, Pt England School got to go and do Athletics. On Friday before we came to school, all of the students had to bring their clothes that are the same colour as their house colour. The house colour I was in was Hine-Moana which stands for blue, and the other colours were Hikianalia, Te-Aurere and Hokulea.

When we got to the courts, Miss Va’afusuaga sent the classes to where they were going to play their game first and the year 6 girls we went to go play dodge ball first down at the reserve. When we got to the reserve where dodgeball was held, we had to sit in two straight lines, and then Miss Rimona put two of the house colours together so it was fair and equal. The team Hine Moana was with was Hikianalia which is the yellow team, and the team that was with Hokulea was Te Aurere which stands for the red team.

When we got to the sprints, Mr Burt got us to get in two even lines so he could pick the first five/eight people who could run first. Before Mr Burt got Five/Eight people to run, Mr Burt Gave us some entructions so we can know where we are running. First we had to run to the yellow cones which is 75 meters run, as soon as we all ran two times, Mr Burt said it was time for the 100 Meter run, so we all got into a lane but we had to make it even so we can all have a turn. When all of the year 6 girls got into a lane, Mr Burt said first group stand up and he said on your marks set and then he used the clapping tool so we know when to run.

Conclusion: My favourite part about Athletics day was, The Sprints, High Jump and Discuss. Sprints was my favourite because I love to run and it's also good to run. Exercise is one of the best that can help your health and body, that's why I prefer thats all of use reading this should do exercise mostly everyday.

Here is the house colours.
Blue/Hine Moana Yellow/Hikianalia Green/Hokulea Red/Te Aurere.

WALT: Recount an event.

Task Description: This week room 7 has got given a google docs, so we could write about what we did on friday for Athletics. We had to write about what we did and what happend, for our conclusion we had to write our favourite part of the day and mine was the sprints.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Copper Mine

Task Description: 
Mr. Goodwin made us do another Kawau island research which is killing me, but I have to deal with it. I'm very bad at telling facts without copying it like it's quotes. When I was done, I made it pretty, then I posted it. I hope you enjoy my 5 facts about the copper mine.

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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Kawau Camp Mansion

WALT: Facts about the kawau Mansion.

Task Description: This week room 7 has been learning cool/amazing things about the Kawau Camp Mansion. These are all of my five facts about the Kawau Camp Mansion.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019


WALT: to read and perform a play

Task Description: This week room 7 has had to do a characters task for your book. This week I worked with Precious and Nina.

Friday, 1 November 2019


WALT: find rules for the next number in patterns

Task Description: this week room 7 has been doing some cool maths task

Thursday, 31 October 2019

My Disguise

WALT: My Disguise

Task Description: This week room 7 has been doing a activity which is really fun. Its called My Disguise and its were u have to take a normal photo of your self and then make it into a person that doesn't exist, and also you have to name your character.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Kawau Island

WALT: Kawau Island research

Task Description: This week room 7 has been doing some cool and amazing things about Kawau Island.