Wednesday, 5 July 2017


This is a book about Matariki and Matariki breakfast Matariki is abut the seven stars their names are Matariki Uru-a-rangi Waita Waiti Waipunarangi Tupu-a-rangi and Tupu-a nuku. If you want to watch a movie their is tow movies to watch theirs a movie chould how to make lanterns and about the Maori seven stars 

Monday, 3 July 2017


today we did symmetry.


                                       Today Room 11 did a tessellation pattern. 


                                                           This week i did tessellation.           

Friday, 30 June 2017

My tamarereti animation

Hi my name is Leylani and today i made me a animation  i finished my animation like 2 weeks ago yesterday i just needed to reacod  my scrip so i can be finished and to put it on my blog and my blogger. If any one wants to watch my animation movie go ahead on my blog if you dont no how to go on my blog the just write on goggle pt England blog then you will see our blogs on goggle for yous to watch.  MY animation is about Tamarereti too.

                         By Leylani buy buy. 


The Bmx boy and god.

                             The Bmx boy and god

Leaping into the deep blue water god is eating his ice cream then bmx boy comes with his bike he sees the deep blue water and he is like ohhhhhhh let do want to do some bomb somewhat said” god bmx boy said” but I am doing a bomb why because i like bombing said” bmx boy do you want a turn?” bmx boy hahahahaha said “god I don't no how to bomb oh come on that is not true if my aunty can bomb then you can bomb and my aunty is older then you!” said” bmx boy.  okay then I  will bomb in the deep scary blue water haaaaaaa said “god but when god landed in the deep blue water he did a really really cool backflip when he did a really really cool backflip. It looked like he was dead but he wasn't dead and he shook the mountains he got up really fast without climbing the rocks. Bmx boy said “you are god because you did a cool backflip”  god said
“I told you I was god”.

Over looking on top of the cliff I can see a deep blue shiny water on a sunny day under the blue sky in front of me is god having a chat with bmx boy about the bomb the chat is what god said” was how teached you how to bomb bmx boy bmx boy said my uncle teached me how to bomb then god said” where did your uncle teach you to bomb at the pools or the beach. Bmx boy said my uncle teached me at the beach on the really really  high  cliff.

Powerfully god does a really cool bomb into the blue shiny water god was like bmx boy help me please. God said to bmx boy come on I will get you a ice cream with  chocolate on your ice cream cone.

                                                     The End.