Thursday, 29 March 2018

New Zealand Birds

Talofa lava!  This is one of Room 11's reading activities.  We are learning about the birds in our environment. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


This is an activety that my buddy and I did.

Hemi - a story

Every weekend there was one job Hemi hated doing: Mowing the lawns. He’d much rather be building his latest robot invention in the shed, That was it! What if Hemi could build a robot to mow the lawns? What happened next was Hemis robot flew away and broke because it flew in to a tree.  Hemi heard someone yelling and it was this man that saw the robot that crashed into a tree, when he heard it he thought it was his dad but it wasn’t. Hemi thought that he had to mow the lawns for his pocket money.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Year 5 and 6 Camp

Last week on Wednesday the year 5 and 6’s went on camp but it was only on the school field’s, it was so so fun that I didn’t even want to leave. The year 5 and 6’s camp we were at camp for 3 days which is Wednesday Thursday Friday. I wish that it was on till Wednesday to Sunday the 3 funnest part of camp was kayaking and the concert and roller skating. We had breakfast, morning tea, lunch, dinner ,and dessert. Thanks to Mrs Samuels, Miss timmy, Aaliyah’s mum, Mrs takari, Sivannah’s mum, and lucky last Mr Right. And thanks also to the camp leaders.

Friday, 2 March 2018


I am Leylani and i am in room 11 and i am a year 5 and my teacher’s name is M’s Buchanan. I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers my sisters names a Selina Mele Tatiand and Kaisala and my brother’s names a Leone and Jacob. My Mum’s name is Faga and my dad’s name is paul. And i have heep’s and heep’s of cousins and aunts  and uncles. Some a maori tongan and samoan. My favourite food is chicken and chips. My favourite tv show is Andi Mack and the lodge and my favourite movie is horra’s like really scary horrors. My favourite sports  is Netball and rugby my favourite netball player is Jane. and guess what my favourite colour is dark blue. I like doing the weekend going to the pool’s.I enjoy playing with my friend because they a some time’s nice and some time’s mean  because when i want to go some then they moeen but when they go somewhere I don’t moeen.  I wood like to work in room 9 and 10 but I got chosen to be in room 11 because the year 4’s don’t have any chromebook and some time’s they need help with some math’s. I want to learn my times  tables because so when i go college i can just  say it when the teachers asks us.