Thursday, 16 November 2017


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On monday when Jayah and I was walking to school I saw this big big parachute flying over mountains  roads and houses with 5 people in it their was 2 boys and 3 girls. The parachute colours a black red blue purple and yellow when Jayah and I  saw it we were like wow. I said to Jayah look up in the sky there's a parachute and then she said Leylani you a right there is a parachute.  My friend Jayah said Leylani the parachute is colourful and big and it has 5 people in it. When we arrived to school the bell rang and my friend Jayah and I was just in time to put our bags away on a chair. When we got up we got our chromebooks and we told our 2 teachers what we saw I told Mr Moran and my friend Jayah told Mrs Moala. At morning tea and lunch time we were talking about the big big colourful parachute to see if we would  tell our mum. After school Jayah and I Went to Jayah’s house to drop her off when I dropped Jayah off to her house we saw the parachute and when we saw the parachute it looked like it had a clown in it waving to us when we saw the clown  waving to us we ran in side Jayah’s house. After we ran back outside we got closer and closer to the parachute.Until we saw it was a clown when we saw it we screamed loud as we can until Jayah’s mum and dad came out.

                                              The End.

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