Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Immersion Assembly

Welcome back! Who is excited for this term? We are going to leap into writing by creating some exciting recounts about our immersion assembly!
WALT: plan for our writing

When we plan, we need to think about:
  • Who our audience is.
  • How we are going hook this audience in - how are we going to capture their attention in a creative way?
  • How we are going to create a description of the event which makes our audience feel like they were at the event too.
  • How we are going to keep our audience interested as they read.

Step 1: Brainstorm.
What you could include:
  • Descriptive words
  • Ideas for a hook
  • Key things you can remember from the assembly
    • What you enjoyed
    • What made you laugh

Step 2: Plan your own recount (double click on the drawing below).

Step 3: Write your recount!
Transition Words
Past tense
At first…
Once we…
Once I…
At last…
In the end…
You should be telling the audience what has already happened since we have already had Immersion Assembly!

If you can think of any others, use them! This is just to get you started.
When you are ready to post on your blog, use the pictures in our Pav Media Folder.

Start writing here:
Paragraph 1 Mr Burt song .
At first Mr Burt, Mr J  and Mrs Nua sang a song called Musical Madness. Where. We were in the school hall.

Paragraph 2 after song.
The first thing  that happened was Mr Burt Mr J and Mrs  Nua sang a song called Musical  Madness and then they stopped singing and Mr Burt Mr J and Mrs Nua started talking to the whole Pt England kid’s and teacher’s.  After that it was the year 1 Item th show us their thing that the teachers did in the holiday’s.  

Paragraph 3 after talking to us.

After Mr Burt Mr J and Mrs Nua stopped talking to the Pt England kids in the hall Mr Burt said it is time for the year 1’s Item. When they got on stage they started playing snap with the card’s. My favourite Item was the team 5’s one because it had all the teachers that a in teams 5 block their movie was about the lion king. When they were watching the lion king they had popcorn.

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