Friday, 10 March 2017

River Talks

Write Intro Here...When did we go? Who went? Where did we go? Why did we go there My class went to the river talk's at Amur creek   because everybody wanted to go and see what was happening at Amur creek because we saw the big  tennis up. When we got in the gate we stopped   on the rock’s because people were talking but the front wasn't talking. When the back finished talking we got to go and sit down on the green grass.

When we sate on the green grass we watched the first part the first part was about the two ladies  the first  lady was lying down and the other lady was trying to pale the other lady’s dress her dress had on it was plasdeck bag’s. After we watched the two ladies we walked over to the creek were it as the gate’s in front of it we went over there to see tamati talking about  the water and about the rabbis that is in the water. After we watched the first part and the second part we went over to the to ladies what they were talking about was how the water was clean and dirty.

After we watched the two ladies  we went over to the other two ladies and the man  the man was playing the guitar and the lady with the kerley hair was playing the drum and the other lady was singing with the man. And they came from tong.  

When we finished watching the two ladies and the man we went to the other man to watch his one  his one was about the elei and the 4 fishes the elei was are baby and the 4 fishes were a baby too. What i liked the most was the 4 baby fishes because i don’t really like elei’s that much.

The last part we watched was the cook islands were playing the drum’s when they were playing the drum’s they called two people from each school and the two people that went up was zoe and antzel.

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